Integrating nSignHub

Embedding document preparation and signing into your business application is easily achieved by integrating with nSignHub using simple, REST architectural style APIs. This ensures a seamless experience for your end users within your own ecosystem. nSignHub provides an industry-standard RESTful API for easy integration.


Based on REST design while the payload is JSON making parsing quick and simple.


OAuth 2.0 to authorize client requests. All communication is secured using industry standard HTTPS (TLS 1.2).


API automates actions like create package, add documents, apply template, share, download, get status and much more!
Types of Integrations
Tight integration
Users interact with the document whilst nSignHub is embedded inside your web application. Users can view the document, fill-in any form fields and create their electronic or digital signature within your site. This creates a simple, efficient and trustworthy experience for the user
Loose integration
Users interact with the nSignHub web interface to review and sign documents. The workflow is initiated by your business application and control returned once the user completes their respective actions. This is useful in situations where external users are required to sign documents, but do not have access to your internal business application.
Mixed-mode integration
Both tight and loose modes of integration can be used together within one document workflow, so internal users are interacting with nSignHub through their own web application interface, whilst external users interact directly with nSignHub.